Jul 30

Acceptable Vices Episode 29: Politics!

This episode, we help ScoJo get his release before abstaining. Wait, no that came out wrong.

Jul 23

Acceptable Vices Episode 28: Alcohol!

Tonight, we talk about alcohol!

Jul 15

Friday Night Party Line Episode 116: The Pokeymans Have Hillary!

Tonight on FNPL, we do it again! On the show, George, Nelson, Churba, and Victor!

Jul 09

Friday Night Party Line Episode 115: Hillary has the Pokeymans

This episode, we discuss Hillary Clinton being cleared for the Email scandal and Benghazi and the political fallout and we’ll talk about Pokemon GO.

Jul 01

Acceptable Vices Episode 27: Let’s Play Some Overwatch!

Don’t listen to this. Watch this instead! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do_Gg7Q5WhE

Jun 24

Friday Night Party Line Episode 114: If it ain’t broke, don’t Brexit.

On tonight’s show, we talk about the Orlando Shooting and Brexit with Scott Johnson, George, Nelson, Churba, and Victor.

Jun 18

Acceptable Vices Episode 26: E3 2016

Tonight on Acceptable Vices, Churba, Nelson, ScoJo, and Victor talk about the announcements from this year’s E3!

Jun 10

Friday Night Party Line Episode 113: The Body Politic 2

Tonight on the show, after an absence, we let ScoJo go hog wild on politics with George, Churba, and Victor along for the ride.

Jun 09

Acceptable Vices Episode 25: Citation Needed

Tonight on Acceptable Vices, we play Tom Scott’s “Citation Needed”… kinda. On the show we have Nelson, ScoJo, and George.

Jun 08

Friday Night Party Line Episode 112: Scojo’s Squeaky Wheel

Tonight on FNPL, We talk about the ethics of Facebooks and politics. This episode is very, very late.

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